The Thesis



AMGS believes that history is necessary to cultural growth. It is the sum of all the experiments in the ongoing cultural scientific process. Without history to learn from, humanity would surely repeat the same mistakes over and over with neither recourse nor growth. AMGS also believes that it is important to recognize past cultures, art, and people - those of which are just as important, complex, and beautiful as our own. If we wish to be remembered decades, centuries, and millennia into the future, it is only right that we celebrate our forebearers of decades, centuries, and millennia ago.  In this way, AMGS intends to recognize, learn from, celebrate, and spread history. Whether a population learns from history or repeats it is the difference between a healthy culture and an unhealthy one. 


AMGS believes that the output of a healthy culture should not be purely tangible - this suggests a hedonistic and philistine population which leaves no lasting impression or legacy to speak of; nor should the output of a healthy culture be purely intangible - this suggests a culture which cannot be studied with any historical certainty and which has nothing of value tied concretly in reality. Art is a tangible thing which has immediate and noticeable intangible value - it lies between the tangible and the intangible. Thusly, art can be thought of as the determiner and result of a truly healthy culture. AMGS also believes that the conscious creation of art is what separates man from animal. No animal can create a work of art with the conscious intention of creating a work of art. Besides being [generally] stimulating and appealing to the senses, art is a way of expressing culture, politics, religion, etc. in a manner that is, for lack of a better term, cathartic. It exists in a field of importance which surpasses mere objects, ideas, and events. For these reasons, AMGS believes art is an essential determiner of healthy culture. AMGS intends to contribute to and enhance the art world by a). re-interpreting, modernizing, and bringing light to beautiful and significant works of the past and b). creating a fashion output and vision which in and of itself is art.


AMGS is at the forefront of a fashion movement which it has named "Pure Aestheticism". Pure Aestheticsim is a fashion movement which is antithetical to the postmodern "ugly fashion" movement. Like the past artists and works it takes its cues from, AMGS intends to (in line with Pure Aestheticism) use objective determiners of beauty such as the Golden Ratio and color harmony in conjunction with the naked eye to produce the most striking and appealing proportions and color schemes. In understanding such determiners, AMGS can better appreciate where beauty comes from and how it can continue to create beauty in compelling, stimulating ways.

AMGS also believes and participates in democratic design. As fashion and streetwear become increasingly inaccessible, AMGS is proud to offer quality, function, and forward-thinking style at accessible prices. The ultimate objective of MGS is to bring its vision and output to as many people, places, and cultures as is possible. In this way, AMGS seeks to spread healthy cultural practice to create an international culture which is more aware of history, rich in art, and which perpetuates forward growth and progression in a self-sustaining manner.